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How Much Does SEO Singapore Cost?

3E SEO Services - PricingThe cost largely depends on the keyword competition, the current situation of the website, the competitiveness of the sector, and the amount of work that we need to put. You pay for the SEO company’s expertise, work history, and also the link building quality.

SEO is a career of growth. Good SEO specialists cost money because they have worked hard to build their skills. Furthermore, it is very likely that other companies in your sector have already hired SEO for themselves, so you would want someone who can build a winning strategy despite there being some competition.

3E SEO Services - PricingIn the SEO industry, it is about showing that you are ‘worth it’ for the price you demand. Working with an experienced professional with a proven track record is necessary.

Some people may say link building is supposed to be cheap. As a matter of fact, websites like Fiverr have advertisements that let you build links for as little as $5. However, building links will be worth it only if you do that on authoritative websites. And such websites take money.

3E SEO Services - PricingWell, don’t worry- 3E SEO Services has worked with every kind of business- from growing SME startups to established organizations that almost everyone in Singapore has heard of.

As a company, even we started from the bottom. Getting to the top was a difficult task for us, and that came with a lot of challenges. Right now, we want to help businesses with the things and the expertise we had lacked before, at the same time, making our services in accordance with their budget.

Minimum 20 Keywords With 1-year Contract

Search VolumePricingTerm
10 to 300S$40cost per keyword per month
310 to 1000S$80cost per keyword per month
1010 to 2000S$120cost per keyword per month

If you have 20 keywords which the search volume is within 10 to 300. 1-year contract will cost you = 20 Keywords * 12 Months * S$40 = S$9,600.

Why Should I Simply Not Work With Cheap SEO Service Providers?

It is simple. SEO Companies help you build your brand and make more money. In the case of cheap SEO Services, it is apparent that they aren’t making enough revenue. You can’t put your business in the hands of some agencies who are finding it extremely difficult to sustain. After all, visionary brands understand that customer retention is critical to succeeding, but no one rehires a dirt-cheap SEO agency.

Again, there’s the fear of Black Hat techniques.

The bottom line is that if you pay someone a couple of hundred dollars to do SEO, it will be disastrous to your website. The effects can be long-term.

Why should I renew SEO services every year?

We need to renew Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services every year because the rank doesn’t automatically stick on the top of the SERPs. Search Engines are always looking for better websites and content than the ones that they have on the top. So, we will have to continue working to maintain our position.

However, you don’t need to be worried. SEO is more of an investment than an expenditure. It compounds- meaning that instead of adding, your results multiply. This is to say that if you have done SEO for an entire year, you would have already made enough revenue, or are on your way to make the budget to hire the agency again.

How Long Does it take to Reach to the First Page or the top Position of the Search Results?

In most cases, it depends on the condition of your website and the competition of the keyword. The skillset of the SEO service company also matters.

We can’t give a definite answer; we have a record of taking a website to the top of the Google Search Results in a month, while in some cases, it can take up to a year.

All we can guarantee is that you will get the ranking you want. Even if it doesn’t happen overnight, the improving website and the progress will be very apparent to you.

Email us at info@3eseoservices.com or fill up an Online form for further SEO services inquiry.

Raymond Siow
Raymond Siow
15:53 05 Jul 21
The 3E SEO Services company will not fail you because they take note of every detail you want, and even make it better... for you. They know how to write article that will work and make your website more popular to visitors.read more
Tammy Yap
Tammy Yap
13:22 23 Jun 21
3E SEO Services will follow your instructions and even suggest what might work better for you because they care about... every client. These people only want to see their customers succeed in their business and make more sales.read more
Bruce Depottey
Bruce Depottey
09:43 14 Jan 21
If you want to find the best SEO experts, contact 3E SEO Services because they will carefully create the right content... for your business. They are also knowledgeable about keyword density and where to place them.read more
Perla Ettie
Perla Ettie
17:52 08 Jan 21
There are many sites claiming to be SEO experts, but 3E SEO Services is an excellent service that delivers what your... content needs. It is not just about writing words, but the right keywords must be used to rank higher.read more
Carlos Jordon
Carlos Jordon
18:30 27 Nov 20
The services of 3E SEO Services are recommended because they have expert SEO writers who can deliver what you need.... Their SEO experts are carefully chosen to only give the best content that works. The businesses that use their services are very happy.read more
Susan Womble
Susan Womble
06:02 25 Oct 20
3E SEO Services have very friendly and professional content creators who will know how to create the content you want... and need. When it comes to getting good audience response, they can help you achieve that so you can make sales.read more
Carol Morgan
Carol Morgan
04:18 22 Oct 20
I can say that 3E SEO Services definitely knows how to curate readable and popular content that will make people share... it. Aside from using keywords, their content will be easy to read and understand, and help you make sales.read more
Paige Davis
Paige Davis
04:30 17 Oct 20
I recommend 3E SEO Services because of how precise and accurate they are in what they do. They also know how to place... keywords. Your website will not suffer if you let them work on it, and your business will be successful.read more
George Kioushs
George Kioushs
05:29 23 Aug 20
3E SEO Services are composed of professionals who put their expertise in action by helping your website rank high in... search results. In addition, those visitors can quickly be converted into sales with their help. You will not regret acquiring their services.read more
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