Our Procedure is Well-Calculated

3E SEO Services has four steps to success:

Step 1: On-Site Optimization

A healthy web-page is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. On-site optimization means optimizing everything that can be seen on the screen of the user. These are the things that fall under on-screen optimization:

Website Architecture Analysis
For a website to rank on the top of Google, people should spend a reasonable amount of time on it. We have to build an interactive website, with the right design elements to retain the users.

Keyword Research
Keywords are the queries that people type in the search box when they are looking for related material. When we have keywords on our website, Google matches them with the search term and finds that the site has the necessary information.

Competitors Research
There may be other websites in your sector that currently have a better ranking than yours. We have to analyze what they are doing- the keywords they are using and the content they are making. SEO is like a race- to overtake competitors; being on their level is not enough. We have to be more effective than them.

Page Speed Optimization
A fast loading page is incredibly important for good search results ranking. There are many things that we can do to improve website speed, which includes gZIP Compression, Image Compression, using lesser HTML elements, etc. We do all that for you.

Step 2- Technical Audit and Implementation

SEO Audit refers to checking your website for the issues that have been stopping it from getting the top Google rankings. After the audit, we get a comprehensive report on every related matter on your website and work accordingly.

Some of the things that we check in the technical audit are redirects, zombie pages, content relevancy, keyword sufficiency, brand visibility, website security, and many more.

The technical implementation simply means getting the results from the audits and working accordingly to improve search ranking. Some examples of technical implementation would be keyword mapping, keyword selection for landing pages, installing an SSL Certificate, deleting redundant pages, etc.

Note: SEO is a step by step process. We aim to deliver long term results. Thus, our SEO audit and implementation initially take at least two weeks. After all, an SEO audit gives us a sense of direction, and only when we know what we should do clearly, we can produce effective results.

Step 3- Off-Site Optimization

We have to do some work outside our website as well. Here are the things that fall under Off-Site optimization:

Link Building
Link building means adding a website’s link on other websites with high popularity and authority. This way, when Google crawls the more popular site, it finds your website there and infers that you have quality content as well.

NAP Information
Similar to how backlinks help Google recognize a website, the Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) information assists with the local SEO. Local SEO means optimization of a business page, so Google shows the store information on the top of the search results when people want to buy a product the business offers.

Content Creation
Content is the King. We are a Singapore SEO company known for extensive use of content to drive leads and revenue. We create fresh, informative content on your website every month to maintain your relevancy, trustworthiness, and authority.

Get Featured
With Press Releases, Guest Posts, Networking, etc., we will feature your website and business on high authority websites. We can also help you with optimizing your Social Media Accounts. This way, more people will know about your brand, and thus the traffic increases.

Step 4: Off-Site Optimization – Review & Report

After the optimization, creating reviews and reports is necessary. Doing that will help us to know current progress and also to consider our next move.

Strategy Review
SEO trends are always changing. Furthermore, a good SEO campaign is about various experiments and hits and trials to see how we can push a website’s ranking most efficiently. Our team of experts sits on a Strategy review meeting every week to ensure that the website is up to date, taking the newest search engine algorithm into account.

Monthly Report
Our services are transparent. We review the strategies and make a report of the work progress every month and send it to you via email. We will ensure to create a comprehensive report, which will make it simple for you to understand exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

Constant Communication
Of course, you can call us anytime. Our team is here to help you 24/7 with your inquiry and requests. We assign one of our SEO specialists to receive calls of a client- this way, we will be able to answer you more effectively and personally. We also hope to hone our relationships further. use effective results.